About us

Afaq Multi Specialty Clinics

AFAQ Clinics are a chain of ISO-certified Multi-Specialty Clinic and Diagnostics labs, which first started as a single center in the year 2010 and then later branched out in 2011 in Tolichowki and Khilwath. A recent addition to AFAQ Clinics was made in 2014 at Chandrayangutta, it now being the current Head Office for AFAQ Clinics. AFAQ Clinics, Multi-Specialty Clinic, and Diagnostic Lab offer a complete range of family healthcare services for the family’s day-to-day needs. We provide Family Physician Consultation, Multispecialty Medical & Surgical consultations, Diagnostics, Day Care, Physiotherapy, and Pharmacy all under one roof. We offer specialist consultations in an ambient and friendly at-home environment, away from large hospital crowds and long waiting lines. AFAQ Clinics is a one-stop-shop for all healthcare needs offering a complete range of healthcare services at affordable cost under one roof. All departments are equipped to care primary health services to patients. AFAQ Clinics has a patient-centered environment, where clients are treated with care, compassion, and high-quality service at a competitive price.